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hi we make carrds & provide carrd tutorials for free. PLEASE read our carrd & pinned before requesting & asking for tutorials!

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before you request: u must be following us!!! & please be patient. don’t request tutorials for carrds that we can't make to our ability. you must have an idea of how you want your carrd to look like. make sure your account is verified and has at least one space for another carrd. if you dont accept the transfer request within a day or two, we will delete it. we have a right to deny your request! if you want to use one of our templates you must be following us!

don't request if: u are not going to use the crd we’ve made for u (we will delete ur future reqs), u will misgender the admins on purpose. you think bi/pan lesbians are valid. you invalidate pansexuality. radfem or terf. invalidate neopronouns or xenogenders. racist, ableist, dont support lgbt, overall a problematic person. you’re going to unfollow us after we make your req. you’re going to remove the credits.


admin 🩰 timashe they pronouns
admin 🎀 bibithey fai he it pronouns
admin 🐰 venusany pronouns
admin 🧁 rain/nikohe/neos pronouns

cr. zhacyu